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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept recurring payments?

We do not at this time but it is on our roadmap to offer both recurring payments & debit cards.

How do bank deposits work?

Every day our system “batches” all your daily transactions into one deposit. Ex: Say you had 3 payments of $500 before 6pm EST, we run an automated process and $1500 would deposit in 2-3 business days for $1500 (less fees). You would reconsile seperatly

Why did a payment decline?

Payments can decline for many reasons but the most common is user error (ex: wrong CC #, address ect…). If you transact over the amount you signed up for, our risk department can flag the payment and need to be resolved. 

How long does it take to issue a refund?

Pretty much instantly! 

Why do I need to submit more information?

Sometimes our risk department requires a business to prove its identity due to large amounts of fraud cases. This could be due to many reasons but it’s not uncommon. Contact us and we will help you resolve yoru issue. 

How do I handle payment disputes?

You need to use your best judgment when accepting payments online. Normally, if a dispute arises, you can contact us and we will ask for information regarding the disputes and submit it to the card company who will ultimately decide who is in favor. 

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